1 Day Jeep & Camel Tour

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1 Day Jeep & Camel Tour

This tour is similar to the Full Day Tour, except that it includes an extensive camel ride.

The Full Day Jeep & Camel Tour starts with a 1.5h camel ride in Rum village. We will take time that you familiarize with your animal and learn how to climb up. Then, a guide will walk you from Rum village to the Nabataean Temple, which is located behind the Guest House. When you arrive there, you have some first experience with camel riding and are ready for a longer march towards Lawrence Spring. To get there, you have to leave Rum village behind and walk far into the desert. In order to find the spring, you need to climb up a small hill. You will continue the tour by jeep.

First, we drive to the Ancient Inscriptions and proceed further to Lawrence House. Next, we drive to the Burrah Canyon, where we drop you off with a map. You can hike in the canyon for up to two hours. When you return from the hike, you have lunch.

After the break we continue to the Burdah Mountain, where you can see the big bridge from the ground. After that we go to Umm Fruth Rock Bridge. We will climb the bridge for about 20 minutes. Next comes the Small Arch, which we will climb, too. The next station is Khazali Canyon, where we spend about half an hour walking through the canyon. After that, we drive to a perfect spot to see the sunset. In the end,drive to our camp.

Prices :

- 1 person: JOD 90 /

- 2 persons: JOD 60(per person)

- 3 persons: JOD 50 (per person)

- 4 persons: JOD 45(per person)

- 5 persons and more: JOD 30

- Children under 6 years: free

Prices include: jeep tour with English-speaking guide, Bedouin Tea, visit of a Bedouin family, all meals, and (if you like) accomodation at night (mattresses and blankets).

Send us an email for questions and reservation.