3 Days Camel,and Jeep tour in Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum Camel Camp

3 Days Camel, Hike and Jeep tour in Wadi Rum 

1st day

We start by jeep from visitor center to the "seven pillars of wisdom" which is a famous landmark, named after the book by T. E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia). From there to Wadi um Eshreen and to Burah Canyon where we will walk about 2 hours, After this we will have lunch and rest for 2 hours before we drive you by jeep to the Burdah Rock Bridge. The next site is Um Froth rock bridge which we will climb. After that we will go to the camp and the sunset site (Al Ghuroub) which is a winter and summer site. Visitors can enjoy a spectacular sunset and they can leave the stress of work behind them and live out of time and place.

2nd day

After breakfast we will hike with a guide to see Al Kazaly where we walk through the canyon and the "small bridge". Then we'll go to the Lawrence house where we will have lunch and rest for 2 hours. Then we continue hiking to the anfeshiah inscription after that we visit the sand dunes and we will back to the camp and see the sun set

3rd day

After breakfast we'll go by camel to the qatar spring and the "white desert" where we will have lunch and rest 2 hours. After that we will return to the camp and see the sun set. After breakfast we drive you back to Rum village.

Price :

60 JD/person for 2-3 people.

4-6 people 45 JD/person.

more than 6 people 30 JD per person.

{}This includes all meals and sleeping equipment for an overnight in the desert.


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