Wadi Rum Camel Camp

Welcome to Wadi Rum!

We invite you to come and enjoy a unique desert experience and an unforgettable stay in Wadi Rum. As lifelong residents of Wadi Rum, we are Bedouins born in Wadi Rum, who want to share our love for Wadi Rum and the authentic Bedouin culture with you. We speak Arabic and English. Our unique knowledge and background allows us to provide you with an unrivaled experience that goes above and beyond the ordinary tourist stay. According to your whishes, we offer tailor-made jeep and camel tours, which cover not only the most beautiful places in Wadi Rum, but also a selection of our own favorite spots.




How to book with us
The most convenient way to book your trip with us is by sending an email with your name, the number of persons, your arrival date, and the number of nights you want to stay. If you have a Jordanian phone number, it helps to arrange the details quickly. You can also find us on booking.com and make a reservation there.

How to pay
When you arrive, we will thoroughly plan your stay together over some Bedouin tea. It is no problem, if you want to make changes upon arrival, e.g. take a jeep tour instead of a camel tour. Of course, you can always ask us for recommendations or spontaneously prolong your stay. All costs are paid in cash and there is no reservation fee. Please note that there are no banks or (ATMs) in Wadi Rum.

How to take a tour
Depending on your time of arrival you can first take a tour or go to camp right away. Of course, transportation to the camp and back is for free. Many guests arrive in the afternoon. Then there is enough time for a camel tour or jeep tour before heading to the camp for a traditional Bedouin dinner. It is also possible to take a tour in the morning after the breakfast. We are flexible and can arrange everything according to your travel plans.

How to get here and away
In order to facilitate your holidays, tell us how you plan to get to Wadi Rum, e.g. by car, by bus. We offer transportation from and to Aqaba or from and to the Visitor Center in Wadi Rum. If you arrive by car, you can pass by the Visitor Center and go straight to Rum Village. There is only one street, so you cannot get lost. We can pick you up from the parking lot on the right-hand side of the village entrance.

Buses leave Wadi Rum in the mornings: to Aqaba at 7am and to Petra at 8:30am. If you want to go to Amman, you have to go to Aqaba or Petra first. Check out the website of JETT, which is Jordan's biggest bus company.

In case you prefer to take a taxi, we can arrange something for you. Note that overland rides are expensive in Jordan, especially compared to public transportation. Therefore, we cooperate with taxi drivers to offer our guests rides at a reasonable price no matter if you want to go to Aqaba, Petra, or anywhere else in Jordan.

In any case, we can help you with your logistics.