Classic Camel Tour

Classic Camel Tour: 6-7 hours

Camels are indispensable friends in the desert. In the old days, they used to carry goods, luggage, and people for many days. Bedouin life without camels would be impossible. Because camels have such a great value for us, we want to share the experience of a camel ride with you. Everything is special about this animal: the fur, the height, the smell, but most importantly their character. Camels are friendly animals and utmost reliable, if you treat them right.

Come, let's enjoy a beautiful day in the desert on the back of a camel.

1. Khazali Canyon: This canyon was once used by the local Bedouins to rest in the shade on hot summer days. You can easily imagine how it would have looked with Bedouin tents, family's resting, and drinking tea. Did you find the ancient inscriptions on the wall?

2. Small Rock Bridge: It takes only a few minutes to climb uf the rock bridge. On top, you get rewarded with a beautiful view across the big Wadi Rum valley.

3. Lawrence's House: A Nabatean structure, which was supposed to be used by E.T. Lawrence to live and store weapons during the Great Arab Revolution in the beginning of the 20th century.

4. Anfishieh Inscriptions: These rock inscriptions carved in the mighty Jebel Anfishieh date back thousands of years. They show camel caravans from the Thamudic and Nabatean periods.

5. Big Red Sand Dunes: This area is very beautiful with many different rock and sand colors. You can climb up the sand dune for the wonderful view at the top. It takes 20-25min, but it is certainly worth the effort. Afterwards, we visit Lawrence's Spring and return to our camp, sleep in the desert at night.

It is also possible to start the tour in our camp after a night in the desert. Your luggage will be transported to Rum village, where the tour ends.

Prices for tour and sleeping in the camp (incl. Bedouin dinner & breakfast):

- 1 person: JOD 80

- 2 persons: JOD 60

- 3 persons: JOD 55

- 4 persons: JOD 50

- For more persons send us an email.

Prices include: English-speaking guide, Bedouin Tea, visit of a Bedouin family, all meals, and (if you like) accomodation at night (mattresses and blankets) with transfer to Rum village.

Send us an email for questions and reservation.

Wadi Rum Camel Tour