Extended Tour

Wadi Rum Camel Camp Short tour

Extended Tour: 4-6 hours

This tour is an extension to the Short Tour, but you will have a lot more time to enjoy each highlight. In addition, we will drive to three other places, which are located further into the desert and deserve more time.

Lawrence House: This is the place, where E.T. Lawrence was supposed to live during the time of the Arab revolt. It shows quite well, under which conditions Lawrence lived and experienced Wadi Rum.

Umm Fruth Rock Bridge: This bridge is a natural wonder and its view is simply breath-taking. There will be enough time for you to climb up and take beautiful pictures of the area.

Small Arch Bridge: This bridge is similar to Umm Fruth Rock Bridge, but a lot easier to climb. Located aside the big Wadi Rum valley, you can see for miles into the desert. You will feel, how small humans actually are compared to nature.

Big Red Sand Dune:There are various places in Wadi Rum, where the white and red sands meet. But this sand dune is special, because you can feel extremely fine sand, which is the result of erosion over thousands of years.

Jebel Khaz'ali:This narrow canyon contains numerous Nabataean rock carvings of people and animals. It is a must-see in Wadi Rum and part of all of our tours.

------Prices for tour without sleeping------

- 1 person: JOD 60

- 2 persons: JOD 30(per person)

- 3 persons: JOD 20(per person)

- In the end we drive you back to wadi rum village.

Prices for tour and sleeping in the camp (incl. Bedouin dinner , water,tea,& breakfast):

- 1 person: JOD 75

- 2 persons: JOD 45 (per person)

- 3 persons: JOD 35 (per person)


Camel tour: It is possible that you extend your tour to ride a camel for about half an hour. Just ask us for details and how to integrate the camel tour into your travel plan and more person send us email.

Sunset: If you start the tour in the afternoon, we can drive to a nice spot to watch a beautiful sunset (if there are no clouds).

Wadi Rum Jeep Tour

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