Wadi Rum Camel Camp

Here is what our guests have to say:


"In my time with Odeh I drove through the desert with a 4WD, slept in a Bedouin camp, saw the stars at night, rode on a camel, hiked to lonely springs and enjoyed fantastic food! An incredible experience!"



"Odeh is really nice and welcoming. We shared food, he took me to the desert and I slept in his camp under the stars - good times. He's a bedouin and got lots of stories to tell, just ask him! He is very open minded and funny, I wish I could stay more than 3 nights to experience more of the beautiful scenery and the hospitality he offered me."




It was nice experience to stay in this place Camel  camp in Wadi Rum , very good and organized tours with professional guides and tours.


Sucha and Wailliam:-

Its good wide wake up in the desert camp ,We  walk around the camp and climbing to the rock nearby the camp,Breakfast is good and Jeep.

Jitenl and DanaL

Le dépaysement total . 3 jours , 3 nuits dans un camp dans le désert , avec un guide bédouin très sympa faisant du bon thé et de la bonne cuisine . Certes le confort est réduit , mais l'essentiel est ailleurs tant le désert du Wadi Rum est superbe . Faire des siestes à l'ombre d'un rocher , sur une terrasse naturelle , allongé sur un matelas et buvant du bon thé , face au spectacle du désert , quoi de plus exaltant !



Wonderful place, Great staff and super foods

perfect the camel camp

The camp is beautifully located in the middle of the desert among sand and red sand stone,food good,we see sunset verey nice.

Agni Ng Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada
Wadi Rum is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen in my entire life. This wasn't a 'free' couch surfing experience, as the area is

Odeh did give us a great discount and we really enjoyed the day of travel in the desert and the amazing scenery. And the sunset was just way too beautiful. Thanks for the easy facilitation! Much happiness. :).

 Sara and Beter:-

It was a great experience to sleep in the desert and eat a Bedouin meal beside a fire with Bedouin tea.

Paul and Alex:-

We had a wonderful stay at the Bedouin Camel Camp.  our guide verey nice, and he did a great job of meeting with us to find our what we wanted to see, then adapted our visit to our exact desires.

Finally I reached home and started working again on my thesis ) And yes, had time to write a reference :-)
Thank you very much for the stay with you in your camp and tour jeep and camel ride.

Group of friends:-

The camp was fantastic. Great location in the middle of the desert . Food was great and they can organise camel rides, jeep safari and lots more





The bedouin dinner was amazing,the staff was great. I would go back to the same camp. Thanks guys for the wonderful experience.


Mature couple

Thank you for tree wonderfull days in the dessert of Wadi-Rum camel camp, thank you for the hospitalaty. Mister cook thank you for your lovely meals, the thea the hot water for the Wiener Melange coffee. We had a great time in the camp located at an wonderfull location, the silence the darkness of the dessert it was so nice.


Family with children:-

The staff was terrific, the location was fabulous, and the trips and services offered a good value for the money.The tent was simple but comfortable. Toilets were in good condition and clean. 


Staff was kind and flexible and  spoke  English and we found  very helpful,the location was outstanding.the trips and services offered a good value for the money.

 Roland with friend :-

-We stayed at Wadi Rum in Camel Camp,the location,the food, tents and the tour jeep was excellent,The staff are very friendly people I recommend that camp for every one wants to stay in the desert.                                                                                                                                                                                                         



Bedouin tents clean. The staff are very friendly,jeep tours and camel ride its wonderful, the location was fabulous, and the trips and services offered a good value for the money.

之前在国内的时候有去西北的沙漠玩过,但是这次的旅行却让我永生难忘,这里的沙漠竟然是粉红色的,美得让人窒息,而且旅店住得很舒适性价比超高,如果有机会我一定会再来。                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                wadi rum camp              

Eva and Carla

The silence is astounding. Highly recommended for everyone who is visiting in wadi rum,The landscape, food and   jeep tour its wonderful,toilets and showers are as clean,we relay enjoyed this trip in a amazing scenery.


The bedouin family who runs this small camp is really nice and welcome,Perfect experience and service,the dinner was nice The staff was great and they organize jeep tours and camel ride,best choice to settle in Wadi Rum.                                                                                                                                                                         


 Jasper Leysen:-                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Unforgettable desert experience with my new friend Odeh. He is very hosptitable and likes to see you Wadi Rum in his jeep for a fair price. I slept one night in his camp, one of the most valuable experiences in my life. I also had great Bedouin food. Thank you Odeh, for the great time you gave me, a better start of my trip I couldn't imagine.


Gregor Czimmek:-

 I had two very nice days in Wadi Rum, riding a camel, sleeping one night in a Bedouin-camp and enjoying the great beauty of the desert. Wadi Rum is definitely a place worth visiting.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   



Rike Pasquin:-

  I stayed one night at his camp and one night at the village. The camp night is great, and I did a jeep tour it is nice. He is nice, good english, the food is good and the tent were clean enought. It was a good experience and wadi rum is pure magic. 







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