Wadi Rum Highlights

Wadi Rum Camel Camp

These places provide a small glimpse of the beauty of Wadi Rum. But when we were young, we used to explore the desert by ourselves, getting lost, and finding places even our fathers and uncles had not known.

Are you ready for an adventure?

Our camp is located in the heart of Wadi Rum. It is easy to reach from Rum Village and serves as a perfect starting point for a jeep tour or a camel tour.

Lawrence's house: 

Nobody is 100% certain that this was Lawrence's house, although there are stories that he both stayed and/or stored weapons here. The current structure is built upon the remains of a Nabataean building. However, it is enough to wander in the footsteps of T.E. Lawrence and try to understand, how he lived in the desert.                                                  




Wadi Rum Lawrence House

Lawrence's Spring:

Just 2km (1.2 miles) south-west of the village of Rum. The spring is at the top of a short scramble. It is not easy to find, if you don't know that the fig tree leads your way! If you manage to climb up the rocks, enjoy a spectacular view over the big valley.

Wadi Rum Lawrence Spring

The Nabataean Temple:

The temple is located near the Guest House in Rum Village. The surrounding area is covered in Thamudic and Kufic rock art. Even though only its remains can be visited, it tells a story from a society around 200 years ago.

Wadi Rum Nabataean Temple

The Anfashieh Inscriptions:

Not far from the red sand dune you can see ancient inscriptions on the wall. They show depictions of a camel caravan from the Nabatean and Thaumadic period among others.

Wadi Rum Anfashieh Inscriptions

Burdah Rock Bridge:

 This bridge is famous, as it is the biggest rock bridge in Wadi Rum. It is fascinating, how nature created a bridge out of huge rock formations. Usually, you can only view this from a distance. But it is possible to climb up with a guide and a reasonable level of fitness.

Wadi Rum Burdah Rock Bridge

Umm Fruth Rock Bridge: 

This is a small rock bridge, which is easy to climb. Usually, it is part of every jeep tour. Our guests love to take the time to climb up and take beautiful pictures of the great valley and the surrounding mountains.

Wadi Rum Umm Fruth Rock Bridge

Big Red Sand Dune:

There are various places in Wadi Rum, where the white and red sands meet. But this sand dune is special, because you can feel extremely fine sand, which is the result of erosion over thousands of years. Even though it can be tough, you can climb up the dune and enjoy a marvelous view. Not to forget, it is great fun to run or slide down again the dune.

Wadi Rum Red Sand Dunes

Seven Pillars of Wisdom:

Although most people can only count five, this is an impressive rock formation near the Visitor centre. It is named after T E Lawrence's book - not the other way around, as commonly mistaken!

Wadi Rum Seven Pillars of Wisdom

Jebel Khaz'ali:

This narrow canyon contains numerous Nabataean rock carvings of people and animals. It is a must-see in Wadi Rum and part of all of our tours.

Wadi Rum Jebel Khazali